Jill & Taylor

Deena puts the “sweet” in Sweet Roots – she is incredibly warm, fun to work with, and her passion for flowers is so special to witness. And of course, she and her team are exceedingly talented. We couldn’t have been happier with the beautiful work she did for us, taking my vague description of our floral vision and executing it flawlessly.

Her commitment to her work shines through in every boutonniere, bouquet and table arrangement, with each flower so clearly having been chosen with love and care. She and her team arranged a breathtaking ground floral arch that served as the perfect backdrop for our ceremony, and I hadn’t cried on our wedding day until she personally brought me my stunning bouquet that immediately brought me to tears.

Her dedication to bringing your floral vision to life starts from the moment she plants the seeds and it is clear that she cultivates her flowers with each person she will eventually arrange it for in mind. We felt so much love in our flowers. They were perfect. Deena, your work is as special and beautiful as you are! Thank you!”