Robbie and I met while in a farming program at UC Santa Cruz. We moved to Grass Valley to start Sweet Roots on family land, and since 2010 continue to define the farm. We love growing and arranging flowers for weddings, feeding people great food, and offering certified organic plant starts.

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We love when people stop buying produce and flowers from us because they started their own garden! Growing healthy, acclimatized plants for your garden is one of our favorite pieces of our business.

You can find our certified organic starts at the BriarPatch Co-op or Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply from February through October.

Or for large orders (over 2 flats), contact us directly for a bulk discount. Farm pick up.

Robbie and I started Sweet Roots intending to feed as many people as we could from our small farm, our first crop plan had about 60 types of fruits and vegetables and 80 varieties of flowers. We have since realized we aren’t good at growing every type of vegetable and have focused more on what thrives.

We now grow about 13 types of vegetables that are happy on this sweet little farm. Though you will no longer find us at a weekend farmers market (we save Saturdays for wedding flowers), you can still eat Sweet!

You can find our produce at the BriarPatch Co-op, Three Forks Bakery and Brewing Co., and through the Tahoe Food Hub.

For special events you can order directly through us!

There isn’t another crop on the farm that we sell in so many ways. Wholesale, retail and working closely with brides and event planners.

You can find our flowers at the BriarPatch Co-op, local florists, and directly from us.

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We love designing flowers! If you contact us via phone or email, you will discuss your floral dreams with Deena. For more information about our flowers, and to book our services, visit our organic wedding flowers page.