Spring flowers with a wall of scented sweet peas above.

Sweet Roots was started in 2010 after two years of business planning and observing our site. Currently we cultivate just over 3 acres, growing a diversity of flowers and produce. Our nursery business thrives in the springtime when folks are eager to plant their gardens with healthy, organic, acclimatized seedlings.


Here at Sweet Roots Farm we have developed a philosophy of growing techniques and business practices that provides our local community with certified organic, high quality flowers, produce and plant starts. We arrived at this philosophy through university education in agriculture, horticulture and community studies as well as years of hands on experience on many other farms.

Harvesting the first crop of snapdragons. Their subtle, sweet sent is intoxicating.

Sweet Roots Farm is certified organic. Everything we produce is grown, harvested and delivered using the National Organic Standard. We do not use synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We source non-GMO seeds, and inputs, use soil building techniques such as cover cropping and compost to improve the soil rather then degrade it. We control pest and diseases using cultural and biological methods. These organic practices ensure that we are stewards of our farmland, committed to leaving behind better soil for future farmers.

Our business practices are based on the same philosophy as our growing techniques. To provide for our community while creating a sustainable income that supports the farm and the farmers. Through experience and continued education we have focused on organic cut flowers, local produce for the BriarPatch Co-op and restaurants, and acclimatized plant starts for sierra foothill gardeners. We strive to create a connection between local consumers and farmers. We work with Sierra Harvest to host educational farm tours, visit our partnered school, and get produce to the garden cart and plant starts into the school’s garden.

This is before our two fields became one and dandelion greens were a focal crop. Every year we refine our crop plan to best suit our site and our needs.

Our philosophy at Sweet Roots Farm guides us on a daily basis. We have pride in what we produce and how we produce it. Yet we continue to learn how we can better contribute to the community while supporting ourselves. Mother Nature and our local economy keep us on our toes, while our philology guides us into the future.



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